Our teachers:
expertly qualified, active throughout the world

Highest standard of teacher training.

It takes about five to eight years to complete the training required to be an IMTA teacher. It includes a minimum of 24 weeks attending IMTA courses as well as methodology and didactics training. Once the applicant has attained an IFOMT-recognised OMT qualification and successfully completed the teacher training course, he/she is eligible to go forward to the final exams. The final exams include written work, patient treatment, a presentation and comprehensive technical examinations.

All assistants and all IMTA teachers undertake to carry out a significant amount of hours of clinical work each year using the Maitland® Concept. This is in addition to their normal teaching activities. Our quality management system also guarantees that our teachers undergo constant further training, thus ensuring that our tuition remains of the highest quality in our courses. 

Our Teachers

Renée De Ruijter
Jan Herman van Minnen
Renate Wiesner
Jürg Hauswirth
Pierre Fisette
René Bakodi
Maria Brugner-Seewald
Matthew Newton
Stefan Schiller
Véronique Bornet
Trisha Davies-Knorr
Michaela Neubauer
Sandra Baumgärtner
Thomas Horre
Pieter Westerhuis
Gerti Bucher-Dollenz
Pierre Jeangros
Paolo Mastromarchi
Lisa Mantovani
Daria Frozyna
Werner Nafzger
Elly Hengeveld
Marc van Liebergen
Harry von Piekartz
Rolf Walter
Robert Valentiny
Hugo Stam
Ladislao Campos Sánchez
Steffen Klittmann
Birgit Ferber-Busse

Our Teacher - Candidates

Teacher candidates have to fulfil different tasks, whilst assisting in various courses. 

The whole training provides an extensive education to reach the high standards of an IMTA teacher. 

If you are interested in becoming an IMTA teacher yourself, visit our IMTA teacher training page.

Talisa Walter
Wouter Geerse
Zbigniew Wroński
Leonardo Mason
Cristian Arias
David Granda Rossi
Burim Gjinovci
Pablo Santiago Pérez
Thierry GILLET
Alberto Piacenza
Jaime Valverde
Isabelle Werner
Massimo Sanna
Davide Bettio
Sebastian Löscher
Mario Klasic
Sebastian Sierakowski

Our Teaching - Assistants

There is also a group of teaching assistants who decided not to pursue the goal to become an IMTA-Teacher. 

Teaching assistants are highly educated physiotherapists who passionately assist in courses.

Uwe Elsbeck
Tim Töllner
Marion Schreiner
Evripidis Triantafyllou
Giacomo Maggioli
Christoph Engel
Ralf Schesser
Barbara Pantar
Harry Herrewijn
Carla van Usen
Peter Goerttler

Headaches & Migraine

Webinar with Prof. Dr. Kerstin Luedtke

Musculoskeletal dysfunctions in patients with migraine”

This evening at 20:00 CET

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