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The Neuro-Musculoskeletal Management (or short: NMS) club is the new headline for IMTA´s special offerings. Under this title we offer continuous education in the format of webinars. It is planned to extend our services and products based on the demand of our current and former students. Stay tuned for more offerings. 

Participants in our webinars get expert knowledge, a certificate of participation, get the chance to ask questions to the expert and receive a link for unlimited reviews of the webinar. 

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Miklós Pozsgai ¦ The effect of single end-range and not end-range Maitland® mobilization on pain sensitization in knee (70min) What you will get:
* Certificate of attendance
* Chance to ask questions in the live Q&A session at the end of the webinar
* Recording of the Webinar

Pain is the most prevalent symptom in knee osteoarthritis (KOA). Previous studies confirmed that increased pain in KOA, i.e. hyperalgesia, can be attributed to peripheral and central sensitization. In time, pain sensitization may also contribute to the emergence of e.g. diverse sensations and structural changes in joint innervation in KOA. For assessing pain sensitization in KOA, pressure pain threshold (PPT) measurement is the most relevant method. Previous studies confirmed the enhanced pain sensitivity in KOA compared to healthy controls.
Manual therapy is a preferred intervention for decrease of symptoms in KOA based on international guidelines. Interestingly, the effect of Maitland® mobilization on pain sensitization has been rarely investigated in KOA. The speaker, Dr. Miklós Pozsgai, Hungarian Maitland® trained therapist completed his PhD degree in 2022. The main topic of his PhD work was investigating the effect of Maitland® mobilization on both pain sensitization and physical function in KOA. During the webinar, he will refer to the following topics: shortly review the sensitization processes and their consequences, present the clinical features of pain sensitization in KOA, introduce the pressure pain threshold measurement amongst several diverse sensitization measurement methods, highlight possible reasons single end-range Maitland® mobilization being more effective compared to not end-range Maitland® mobilization and sham manual therapy in KOA and make suggestions for the optimal treatment frequency of end-range Maitland® mobilization in the management of KOA.

About the presenter:
Dr. Pozsgai worked 12 years in a rehabilitation center, and since 2020 he works in a sports academy treating basketball players. Miklós treats patients with diverse musculoskeletal disorders, and he is working also with national athletes and 2 Olympian candidates.
21 March 202320:001.3 hours


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